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2nd radio interview, May 30th 2011, 102.7 FM

Host: Dr. Manuel Pantigoso

1st interview on the radio




Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Architecture, as any living entity, should be a natural machine. Normally we are used to seeing a building as a lifeless heavy space-consuming block, but throughout history we have been witnesses of a few good efficient genious designs. Most of these designs followed the racional concepts that nature uses as evolving being. The designs of today as well as future designs should be concieved to work and behave as living breathing beings that can perform actions within their very nature of essence, they must be thought to have a purpose, not because of global warming but because of reason. Nature creates for a reason, all living organisms have a purpose which if they fail to perfom they simple get wiped out of existance. Architecture should not be any different, it must act in benefit not only of mankind but also nature and the living beings contained in it. We are only temporary guests in this tiny spherical house which we call earth, life calls it home.

Architecture must embrace the destructive forces, help the planet breathe, purify, and nurse the elements. It must also grab the energy it gives us for free rather than burning the planet´s skin by irracionaly harvesting resourses.

Energy conversion from the sun and the wind and fuel based on water and air. Instead of running away or protecting ourselves from hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes we should learn to gather energy from them and outcome the challenge of living among them. In order to live in peace with the planet, we must understand that we have to play along not play against it. It is difficult to accept the fact that we should not rely on fossil fuels anymore, it is hard to think creatively for the good, all you need to do is think about the future generations and that starts with your kids.

I am witness to a growing concious of self preservation and teamwork to make this world we know a better place than it is now, because we are living a transition between technologies, from rock sculping, to smoke blowing, to green and organized, at least that´s the idea. And I feel part of it.

I have a purpose in this planet which is being good to others, asure the survival of our specie and other species as well, and do my part in making the world better. I´ve already seen the faces of the people that will have to deal with the problems we will leave behind when we are no longer living, so the best i can do now is help those problems be less so the kids that are being born as i speak dont have to suffer the consecuences of our bad choices. I, as an architect, have the choice of not being part of a project that will contribute to harm and endanger the future, and as a human I also have the choice of not littering or the choice of recycling to help reduce the contamination, already extreme in our home planet.

Architecture must supply, maintain and protect life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are finishing the research on magnetic structures so i will be posting soon the whole Thesis. Next week we should be done with the laboratory tests on electronics and physics, then back to the earthquake simulator shake table, and most likely back to the drawing board again. It´s very exciting when ideas go from paper to lab, I kind of feel like my good friend Dexter these days.

Some posts found online about the contest.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one step forward

I have good news and bad news, bad news first... Our scale models never got in time for qualification so im very sad to say we didnt get the 1st prize in Quito. The bright side is that they gave us mention of honor cause they really liked the idea, just that they couldn´t change the results. Too bad, but this just makes us want to work harder on the concept. I met a lot of people in the Steel industry, it was a very positive experience, although i was missing one person in particular.

ok now the good news! We recently got called to do a presentation about the research in a conference for the architecture symposium week in our University, im happy to say there was at least 98% of acceptance. One of the professors stood up and qualified our concept as "pure science fiction", after a few minutes we got him to understand the idea and we presented him with the working prototype, everyone else saw the prototype as well and they really liked it. Well more than like it i think they understood it.

Professor Arch. German Trigoso (virtual reality studies in the school of architecture), bumped into me a few days ago and told me he commented our work to his friend from elementary school, Pier Maria Oddone (Director of the FERMILAB in Chicago since novermber 19th 2004).

Mr. Oddone will be in Lima december 4th and hopefully he will be reviewing our research. FERMILAB, as you all know, is the largest particle accelerator in the world, it´s advances in the medical field are remarcable as well. The laboratory uses electromengets that are 27km long to accelerate particles near the speed of light, so his guidance will be very helpful to us.

Tomorrow, Thursday 12th, we are invited to the Complex knowledge Institute held by the University´s Advanced Reasearch Center, to do another presentation, this time for a group of specialists that would be collaborating in case our system is ever to be built, it´s like a first hearing but with mechanical engineers, physicists, Medical doctors, civil engineers, architects, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, and the list goes on. This institute is interested in particular on projects that demand a higher lever of knwledge and expertise than a convensional architecture project, in which the architect is head of the team. ( in our project we need several different field directors: architects, engineers, physicists, etc...)

So tomorrow it´s kind of a big day because we will know for sure the doubts and concerns on other areas other than architecture, it is the perfect opportunity to know what we need to consider in the future.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Most pure renewable energy source - WATER

I´ll just say: " I knew it." A long time ago a scientist said:" there is more power in a gallon of water than in 80 barrels of fuel". Now we can believe him, after a while, like what we did to Galileo. Brilliant man, just a little innocent to open his mouth at the given time.

Just to think for a moment

Words from my father

"Nuevamente pido a mis lectores que me brinden su comprensión para poder compartir con todos Uds esta nueva satisfacción que me brinda mi hijo Luis Enrique. Mi hijo Kike se encuentra a sólo un par de meses de culminar su carrera de Arquitectura en la Universidad Ricardo Palma y , sin embargo, ya cosecha exitos profesionales y personales al haber sido su equipo de trabajo seleccionado como el ganador del II Concurso Nacional de Arquitectura en Fierro y Acero en el Perú. Kike junto con Paolo y Willy elaboraron un proyecto innovador y creativo frente al material que exigía el concurso : el Acero.
Como les conté en la anterior publicación sobre mi hijo Kike, ya me había hecho sentir muy orgulloso al ganar uno de los puestos del concurso internacional para seguir una Maestría en Arquitectura en la Ball State University en Indiana EEUU , siendo el único peruano en lograrlo; Maestría que iniciará en Agosto del 2010 y con beca completa.
Ahora, su Alma Mater, la Universidad Ricardo Palma, confió nuevamente en él y lo seleccionó para que la represente en este concurso nacional, auspiciado por Aceros Arequipa. Y gracias a su talento , a la dedicación del equipo y a su compromiso con su vocación, llevó adelante una idea y un concepto innovador y creativo para superar a muchos equipos de varias importantes universidades peruanas y alzarse con el triunfo ante un jurado compuesto por Arquitectos de reconocido prestigio internacional y de alta exigencia profesional.
A la novedad del material del Acero con sus obvias complicaciones, condiciones , características y propiedades , Kike presentó un diseño novedoso para un aeropuerto , moderno, de proyección futurística, integrado con el ambiente y que emplea como fuerza principal una de las fuerzas más antiguas y centrales de nuestro planeta y sistema solar : el magnetismo.
La combinación del Acero y su enorme afinidad con las fuerzas magnéticas con un diseño artístico basado en las líneas de silueta de un condor con las alas extendidas, forjaron un concepto robusto, integrado con el medio ambiente peruano rural, fino y hermoso, rematado en su parte más alta con una torre de control simbolizando la cabeza de nuestra ave milenaria. Sólo un artista de vocación puede imaginarse semejante belleza en Acero y regalarnos para nuestro regocijo un proyecto ganador nacido de las entrañas y de la pasión de un peruano, de mi hijo Luis Enrique.
Todas las juntas de la estructura están sujetadas por fuerzas magnéticas producidas por imanes lo que prácticamente ha eliminado los rozamientos y la electricidad es producida por un motor de rotación constante producida por campos magnéticos. Ya pueden imaginarse el tiempo que ha dedicado a la investigación y las complicaciones para materializarlo todo en la maqueta que ganó el primer puesto.
Como pueden suponer, ha dejado muy en alto el nombre de su Alma Mater, a su Facultad y a sus profesores y ellos también están felices con el excelente resultado.
He sido testigo de excepción de todo el esfuerzo desplegado por el equipo durante muchas noches y amanecidas completas, incluyendo Sabados, Domingos y Feriados, dejando de lado actividades sociales y el descanso bien merecido. Todo esto, claro está, sin dejar de ir a las clases en la universidad. Es decir, como deben ser logradas siempre todas las cosas honestas.
Este Concurso Nacional no sólo lo ha premiado con el primer puesto sino que proximamente viajará a Ecuador a representar a nuestro país en la Feria internacional de Arquitectura en Acero
con presencia de representantes de muchos países que ya han inscrito sus proyectos. Es largo y difícil el camino del éxito, especialmente cuando nada te es regalado y tienes que ganarte palmo a palmo el derecho para ir subiendo escalón por escalón la escalera del prestigio y el reconocimiento profesional y Kike lo va haciendo con dedicación, honestidad y compromiso. Su Abuelo NEC me dijo un día : la distancia entre lo que eres y lo que quieres llegar a ser, eres tu mismo. Cuanta razón tenía mi Padre. Y todavía hay una mayor satisfacción cuando sientes, como padre, que sigues cosechando satisfacciones a través de tus hijos. Como pueden ver el orgullo que siento es muy grande.
Un gran abrazo para mi hijo Luis Enrique y un profundo agradecimiento por esta satisfacción que me brinda. Muchas Gracias Kike y sigue siempre con : Visión para Ver, Fe para Creer y Coraje para Hacer. Tu Abuelo NEC, desde el cielo, debe estar con el pecho henchido de todo el orgullo que esta sintiendo por tí , al igual que toda tu familia que te quiere y que está feliz por tí y contigo.

The truth is that I cannot celebrate this success without mentioning my parents, they have been very patient with my work, the overnights, the food, the noise, the mess, and people coming in and out of the house day by day allthoughout my studies.

Thank you mom and thank you dad for not kicking me out of the house when you see all the mess we leave after a project is finished.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Powerpoint presentation


Just so you all know, the whole presentation(blueprints, models, panels, description and animation) got lost on its way to Quito-Ecuador. We had to rebuild the entire set all over so it can get to the contest in time. Professor Arch. Frederick Cooper called the embassador of Ecuador in Peru and the embassador of Peru in Ecuador to fix this deal because for some reason the presentation, after being by mistake in the US, guatemala, panama and some other countries, finally arrived and got stuck in Guayaquil-Ecuador at customs. But it´s all good now cause they released them and they are on their way to Quito in time for the contest.

This is the final presentation 3d video that went to Ecuador for the contest this morning. Sadly we did not have access to an earthquake simulator so we used the back of my truck as a Mercalli scale IX earthquake generator. You can see the structure reacting to ground shaking. It is just an inexact concept model so it vibrates a lot, but it gives the idea. I hope you like it and understand it´s possible future applications.

The helix-rotator shown on the video is a magnetic ever-spining electric generator, powered by 2 extra large supermagnets designed in a 30 degree angle to push and repel the blades one after another.


Friday, October 16, 2009

magmov magnetic engine inside tires

The Vehicle´s design can be applied to the set of wheels of a conventional car or vehicle, so each wheel can be 1/4 of an engine. With this in mind we can transform the tires into engines, silent and fueless.


Following the creative process... well the truth is that i wasn´t able tp sleep well lately knowing that magnets could be applied to everything. Pollution and earthquakes were in my mind, vibrations, shocks, speed, energy, recycling, cycles, circles, I also found a small bearing that I was playing with the whole week. Suddently something came to my mind on that precise instant when you wake up... it was a vehicle. I turned the maglev train into a car and the linear track into a circular infinite steerable track. The design includes the alternative to travel long distances and literaly leave the tires behind and jump on a track that goes 500km/h from city to city where you can easily attach another set of tires once you get there. The tires would be shared. The system used for the tires is the TWEEL designed by Michelin. My concept is called MAGMOV ROLLER. Where the cabin is suspended inside the tire by the attraction/repultion of the magnets, the same system will make the tires rotate forward, backwards, leaning and letting the vehicle rotate in it´s axis to turn 180 degree. The brand CAT is just a simulation.
the vehicle can go on and underneath the track
suspended on a V shaped maglev track

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pisco earthquake - Terremoto Pisco 15 Agosto 2007 PERU

tributo peru earthquake / terremoto ICA

This is exactly what we wish to prevent with the magnetic structures, joints,shocks, cubes, foundations, cables, etc..., in other words the entire magnetic system.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sourse of energy

My 81 year old aunt, after showing her the concept and the design details, asked me once... :-"Do you know what you are getting yourself into? Do you know there are inerrests that will try to block this project of yours? You are either very brave or very dumb to continue because it is not wise to act against powerful people that control the energy business". I thought it was very wise for an 81 year old woman, but even if this investigation leads to the conclusion that magnets can power everything and that the source of energy that we were looking for was hidden inside simple pieces of iron and steel, for the sake of mankind it would be good to risk it all.

Gravity, which is a magentic field, powers the universe. Don´t you think it can power a car, your house or an entire city? I think that the key to unlock the world form wars and hate and differences is free energy, not free as in solar panels or wind turbines, no; free as in everlasting self powered entire household and transportation. In the future, a train ticket from California to Japan should only cost a couple of dollars because you will be traveling at 3500 km/h for a couple of hours and it really makes no sense in paying $3500 dollars on a 35 hour flight using fuel. Some guys created a water fueled engine and were forced to leave the project.

This is a new era, a transission, we cannot mix supercomputers, superconductors and nanotechnology with factories and cars burning oil like there is no tomorrow, laws have to be re-written, concepts have to be redrawn and poeple have to be opened to new alternatives, alternatives that correspond to this era not to the past milenium. I am not talking about a conspiracy at all, just an old bad habbit that we do not want to get rid of, and that is... letting others control our fate.

So, free energy for all and the planet will be a better place to live.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


As my investigation is about a quantum mechanical phenomenon, superconductors will be used, tested and applied, ceramic magnets, supercooling fluids such as liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen as well. I never thought that the G.A.U.S.S. CUBE (CUEB) would have to be supercooled, but in this investigation phase my mind is opened to any outcome. Also includded in the investigation is The Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect, but applied to suspended structures in magnetic architecture, which means Magnetic levitation , magnetic suspension and flux trapping effect. All these in our G.A.U.S.S. CUBE or better known recently as "CUEB" but at normal environment or ambient temperature.

One of my favorite books so far: "Elements of electromagnetism" by Professor Sadiku

This investigation is guided and assisted by the father of a very close friend of mine, Prof. Engineer Alberto Jaime Pinillos Vega(National Enginnering University, Lima-Peru). His participation and advice is crucial for understanding, translating and applying superconductivity and electromagnetism to architecture and structures.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 1

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 2

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 3

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 4

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 5

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 6

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 7

Presentation Aero-quipa airport 8

Fun day

We were the only ones that didn´t enjoy the free meal. The photographers took at least 100 pictures and didn´t leave us much time to enjoy the moment. It was a good day, but some people would think this is a happy ending... on the contrary, it is just the beginning. Now we have to complete the presentation for the international contest, the most exciting part is that we might build a scale prototype of one of the systems that actually work. We´ll see. The international contest will be held in Ecuador on octuber 24th, it´s in the last day of the annual Steel & Iron congress.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st prize on Ilafa contest

After working non-stop on the magnetic calculations for a few days, we got the 1st prize on the contest. You can imagine how glad we are, there are no words to describe excitement at this point, so I wont. ill upload the pictures soon. I finally get to sleep tonight.

I dedicate this achievement to my wife, my family and my friends, also to the professors that supported our project and believed in this idea. As a future architect all I want is to serve mankind with a better, stronger, lighter and safer building structure technology. This is just a small step before making this idea in real life, to save real people.

A special thanks to Erick Morillo and Debra Cooper for inspiring us with their new house mix single "I get lifted".

This is a 3d rendering of the airport project:

Image made by tREZD.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We finally delivered the modified proyect today at 9am, and as usual... we didnt sleep at all for 3 days in a row. So far we think we did a good job applying every recomendation from the architects, but we will have to wait until tomorrow (thursday) 6pm to know the final veredict. If we get chosen to represent Peru we will be going to Ecuador for the anual congress on iron and steel architecture.

After almost resulting in a tragic allergy episode, I ve been taking some medicine that zonks me out so i need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

So project "aero-quipa" is on it`s way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me, Willy and Paolo with the 3 reviewing Architects

Here´s a picture of (left to right) Paolo, Arch. Emilio Soyer, Arch. Alfonso Cordova, Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure, my good friend Willy Maita and me(black shirt). We are practically done with the project correction, all we need to do is print out the plans and the panels.

My research also involves finding a new source of energy, I am not an engineer or a physicist but I feel the need of finding the eternal spark or perpetual motion, if there is such a thing (i know its just fiction but Jules Verne wrote...). A few days ago I found out that someone already invented a magnetic engine, he is from Australia, they still use electricity though. It produces 5 times what it consumes, but that´s still to much electricity for a "green" era. I will continue researching on the plain magnetic engine which doesn´t consume electricity, I found out that a gyroscope can multiply the rotation inertia by hundrends, similar to a "POWERBALL NSD" so we´ll see how it goes. So far my small plain magnetic motor powers an LED constantly at 5000RPM, perhaps a bigger dynamo and bigger magnets can power a lightbulb.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project Review- Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure, Arch. Alfonso Cordova and Arch. Emilio Soyer

This past thursday the 3 finalist projects were reviewed by 3 worldclass Peruvian architects: Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure (my mentor), Arch. Adolfo Cordova and Arch. Emilio Soyer. They are the kind of architectural celebrities that you only get to see in magazines and books. We were said to meet in the main offices of Aceros Arequipa. When we got there we met the other 2 groups and started a conversation just to break the ice and the tension. We got called first to be reviewed.

Right when we got in the review office Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure says: -"You are not an architect but until you have practiced at least 10 to 20 years, before that, you cannot consider yourself an architect... even if you are a licensed one..." So that pretty much means a slap in the face as soon as we crossed the door, which is good, someone has to bring you back to ground level once in awhile.

They were very surprised with our project because we managed to make a floating 1/2 mile steel structure. But naturally, as really experienced architects, they did not agree 100% with the design. But 98% is still good, we were very happy.

After asking the obvious questions followed by extreamly enlighting suggestions, they wanted us to explain the magnetic structure and elements, so we did. Emilio Soyer said: -"I dont know if I am a little confused but... what are you? architects or inventors?". After that he was opened to our concept and started to appreciate it´s real value. They we really curious about how the system worked and after discussing all the security and design aspects they congratulated us and sent us off to keep working. They said:-"Now go along lads, but in 10 days we will be needing your project back here again to decide which one will be representing Peru in the international stage. So we went down the stairs, speechless. When we got to the bottom the contest organizer, Arch. Malpartida, gave us a couple of recomendations for our project as well.

Today we still have 7 days to finish the modifications, so we are good to go. They insisted on modifying the panel art, to make it more simple. Too much text or too many images could ruin the main idea.

I will keep posting updates on my study of MAGNETIC ARCHITECTURE.

Friday, September 11, 2009


A few months ago the school of architecture and urban planning of the Ricardo Palma University in Lima-Peru was invited to participate in the 2nd international contest proposed by ILAFA (latinamerican institute of iron and steel) about the use of steel in architecture. This year more precisely, an airport.

Several teams leaded by professors were assembled. Professor Arch. Felix Mayorca, who is in charge of the Virtual Design workshop class gathered a team in which I was very honored to form part of. We were 6 in the group, but after a couple of weeks we ended up being 4: Professor Arch. Walter Leon(project director), Willy Maita, Paolo Diaz and Luis Enrque Cueva(me). Each of us in charge of our areas of expertise. By the way the constest is not due yet, but our project made it so far to finalist for the national competition

I was in charge of the general concept idea, structural innovation and the main aesthetic design.

So lets cut to the point, it´s all about steel. We had to eat, drink and think steel, day and night investigating about the composition and capabilities of this very versatile material.

The concept was born from the oldest force in the universe that we, architects, deal with every day in matters of design: GRAVITY. Which is nothing more than simple magnetism. So we had to know what was going on inside the minds of Frederick Gauss, Nikkola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nicholas Copernico, Galileo Galilei, Steven Hawkings and many others. Believe me when I say it was not easy to comprehend the complexity of the theories and their assumptions, applications and possible variations.

I managed to keep it simple. Simple is good, i learned this from my wife, she is always right. So after a few minutes drawing nonsense on a napkin I decided to go back and bring some old friends from past school projects: my magnets. I had 2 attempts of includding magnets in my designs in the past, both of them failed. But the idea was there, waiting.

I ended up with 3 words in my mind: magnetism, earthquake and steel. Now because Peru is located in the Ring of Fire (volcano belt), is why "earthquake" kicks in to complicate things a little.

So I posted a Hypotesis: "Can Architecture function as a giant shock but instead of having springs or a hydraulic system, can it work with magnetic fields?". After a small simple experiment the answer was Yes. Magnetic fields of the same pole will undoubtly reject one another so the space between them creates the lift needed to carry a structure. Although horizontal displacement was not solved at this point, the idea started taking shape. Trial and error, thats all it takes.

Obviously electromagnetism was considered as part of the tools needed, but human error would not let me depend on an electric flux for structural design, besides the amount of electricity needed just wasn´t compatible with what the planet needs nowadays.

Permanent magnets were chosen to star in this new construction system. Therefore this is the startpoint for the main structural skeleton design. After a few sketches I realized anything and almost everything could include magnetic fields in the design. From a simple refrigirator souvenir to a stadium.

Cables, beams, foundations, roofs, platforms, bridges, walls, stairs, windows, railings, and every other architectural element was concieved under this concept. I learned that every time you want to solve a problem, you should ask nature for guidance.

I will keep posting updates on my study of MAGNETIC ARCHITECTURE.