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Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st prize on Ilafa contest

After working non-stop on the magnetic calculations for a few days, we got the 1st prize on the contest. You can imagine how glad we are, there are no words to describe excitement at this point, so I wont. ill upload the pictures soon. I finally get to sleep tonight.

I dedicate this achievement to my wife, my family and my friends, also to the professors that supported our project and believed in this idea. As a future architect all I want is to serve mankind with a better, stronger, lighter and safer building structure technology. This is just a small step before making this idea in real life, to save real people.

A special thanks to Erick Morillo and Debra Cooper for inspiring us with their new house mix single "I get lifted".

This is a 3d rendering of the airport project:

Image made by tREZD.

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