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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project Review- Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure, Arch. Alfonso Cordova and Arch. Emilio Soyer

This past thursday the 3 finalist projects were reviewed by 3 worldclass Peruvian architects: Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure (my mentor), Arch. Adolfo Cordova and Arch. Emilio Soyer. They are the kind of architectural celebrities that you only get to see in magazines and books. We were said to meet in the main offices of Aceros Arequipa. When we got there we met the other 2 groups and started a conversation just to break the ice and the tension. We got called first to be reviewed.

Right when we got in the review office Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure says: -"You are not an architect but until you have practiced at least 10 to 20 years, before that, you cannot consider yourself an architect... even if you are a licensed one..." So that pretty much means a slap in the face as soon as we crossed the door, which is good, someone has to bring you back to ground level once in awhile.

They were very surprised with our project because we managed to make a floating 1/2 mile steel structure. But naturally, as really experienced architects, they did not agree 100% with the design. But 98% is still good, we were very happy.

After asking the obvious questions followed by extreamly enlighting suggestions, they wanted us to explain the magnetic structure and elements, so we did. Emilio Soyer said: -"I dont know if I am a little confused but... what are you? architects or inventors?". After that he was opened to our concept and started to appreciate it´s real value. They we really curious about how the system worked and after discussing all the security and design aspects they congratulated us and sent us off to keep working. They said:-"Now go along lads, but in 10 days we will be needing your project back here again to decide which one will be representing Peru in the international stage. So we went down the stairs, speechless. When we got to the bottom the contest organizer, Arch. Malpartida, gave us a couple of recomendations for our project as well.

Today we still have 7 days to finish the modifications, so we are good to go. They insisted on modifying the panel art, to make it more simple. Too much text or too many images could ruin the main idea.

I will keep posting updates on my study of MAGNETIC ARCHITECTURE.

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