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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me, Willy and Paolo with the 3 reviewing Architects

Here´s a picture of (left to right) Paolo, Arch. Emilio Soyer, Arch. Alfonso Cordova, Arch. Miguel Rodrigo Mazure, my good friend Willy Maita and me(black shirt). We are practically done with the project correction, all we need to do is print out the plans and the panels.

My research also involves finding a new source of energy, I am not an engineer or a physicist but I feel the need of finding the eternal spark or perpetual motion, if there is such a thing (i know its just fiction but Jules Verne wrote...). A few days ago I found out that someone already invented a magnetic engine, he is from Australia, they still use electricity though. It produces 5 times what it consumes, but that´s still to much electricity for a "green" era. I will continue researching on the plain magnetic engine which doesn´t consume electricity, I found out that a gyroscope can multiply the rotation inertia by hundrends, similar to a "POWERBALL NSD" so we´ll see how it goes. So far my small plain magnetic motor powers an LED constantly at 5000RPM, perhaps a bigger dynamo and bigger magnets can power a lightbulb.

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