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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Architecture, as any living entity, should be a natural machine. Normally we are used to seeing a building as a lifeless heavy space-consuming block, but throughout history we have been witnesses of a few good efficient genious designs. Most of these designs followed the racional concepts that nature uses as evolving being. The designs of today as well as future designs should be concieved to work and behave as living breathing beings that can perform actions within their very nature of essence, they must be thought to have a purpose, not because of global warming but because of reason. Nature creates for a reason, all living organisms have a purpose which if they fail to perfom they simple get wiped out of existance. Architecture should not be any different, it must act in benefit not only of mankind but also nature and the living beings contained in it. We are only temporary guests in this tiny spherical house which we call earth, life calls it home.

Architecture must embrace the destructive forces, help the planet breathe, purify, and nurse the elements. It must also grab the energy it gives us for free rather than burning the planet´s skin by irracionaly harvesting resourses.

Energy conversion from the sun and the wind and fuel based on water and air. Instead of running away or protecting ourselves from hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes we should learn to gather energy from them and outcome the challenge of living among them. In order to live in peace with the planet, we must understand that we have to play along not play against it. It is difficult to accept the fact that we should not rely on fossil fuels anymore, it is hard to think creatively for the good, all you need to do is think about the future generations and that starts with your kids.

I am witness to a growing concious of self preservation and teamwork to make this world we know a better place than it is now, because we are living a transition between technologies, from rock sculping, to smoke blowing, to green and organized, at least that´s the idea. And I feel part of it.

I have a purpose in this planet which is being good to others, asure the survival of our specie and other species as well, and do my part in making the world better. I´ve already seen the faces of the people that will have to deal with the problems we will leave behind when we are no longer living, so the best i can do now is help those problems be less so the kids that are being born as i speak dont have to suffer the consecuences of our bad choices. I, as an architect, have the choice of not being part of a project that will contribute to harm and endanger the future, and as a human I also have the choice of not littering or the choice of recycling to help reduce the contamination, already extreme in our home planet.

Architecture must supply, maintain and protect life.

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