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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just so you all know, the whole presentation(blueprints, models, panels, description and animation) got lost on its way to Quito-Ecuador. We had to rebuild the entire set all over so it can get to the contest in time. Professor Arch. Frederick Cooper called the embassador of Ecuador in Peru and the embassador of Peru in Ecuador to fix this deal because for some reason the presentation, after being by mistake in the US, guatemala, panama and some other countries, finally arrived and got stuck in Guayaquil-Ecuador at customs. But it´s all good now cause they released them and they are on their way to Quito in time for the contest.

This is the final presentation 3d video that went to Ecuador for the contest this morning. Sadly we did not have access to an earthquake simulator so we used the back of my truck as a Mercalli scale IX earthquake generator. You can see the structure reacting to ground shaking. It is just an inexact concept model so it vibrates a lot, but it gives the idea. I hope you like it and understand it´s possible future applications.

The helix-rotator shown on the video is a magnetic ever-spining electric generator, powered by 2 extra large supermagnets designed in a 30 degree angle to push and repel the blades one after another.

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