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Friday, October 16, 2009


Following the creative process... well the truth is that i wasn´t able tp sleep well lately knowing that magnets could be applied to everything. Pollution and earthquakes were in my mind, vibrations, shocks, speed, energy, recycling, cycles, circles, I also found a small bearing that I was playing with the whole week. Suddently something came to my mind on that precise instant when you wake up... it was a vehicle. I turned the maglev train into a car and the linear track into a circular infinite steerable track. The design includes the alternative to travel long distances and literaly leave the tires behind and jump on a track that goes 500km/h from city to city where you can easily attach another set of tires once you get there. The tires would be shared. The system used for the tires is the TWEEL designed by Michelin. My concept is called MAGMOV ROLLER. Where the cabin is suspended inside the tire by the attraction/repultion of the magnets, the same system will make the tires rotate forward, backwards, leaning and letting the vehicle rotate in it´s axis to turn 180 degree. The brand CAT is just a simulation.

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